Gamblers share their winnings

Information about the jack-pot winner giving away the whole win for charity appeared again.

Several weeks ago a lucky player who visited casino Rampart in Las Vegas on Sunday won a huge sum of money. The player wanted to be unknown, on the casino's site we can only see a photo of handing him the check for the sum of more than 14 282 544,21 dollars. The lucky visitor as it turned out  is not a regular player, he visited the casino with his friend with the aim to relax playing slots. The gaming machine that brought the lucky one 14 million was the Megabucks slot. A bet of 20 dollars made this anonymous player a millionaire, but as it turned out the money went to charity instead of personal aims. The man does not need millions and this is why he decided to help the ones in need. Almost the whole win will go to building of a devout house in a local church where he used to help being a student. We think that many cannot understand his decision how it was possible to refuse from such money. The rich can do it.
Such nobleness is not the first case in history. A year ago a similar situation happened with a Canadian player who won a big sum of money. The whole win in a lottery he donated to the Center of cancer research, from what his wife had died. The lucky player won around 40 million dollars but as it turned out he did not need money and decided to give it to charity. Such cases when lottery winners donate their winnings for noble aims happen often, however not so often the casino winners give away money to charity.