About online slots

Popularity of slot machines is constantly growing from year to year, what is not surprising, since with small inputs you can win really huge money.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine any online casino without gaming machines. Although gaming machines were created at the end of the 19th century, we can say that now they are experiencing their “golden age”.  Quite recently huge machines for gaming used to stand in bars and games parlors, where you could play for money or just interest. Online casinos have perfected gaming machines which we often call slots. Such games can be divided into 3 categories: semi-mechanical slots with spinning rolls, video machines, progressive slots. Each of these categories includes several types of slot games, for instance bonus slots, multiplicators, classical and so on. Due to being so hugely popular each online casino has around 100 such machines in its offer. The main producers of modern slot games are the following companies: NetEnt, Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech.

As for today progressive slots are becoming the most popular games, in which you can sometimes win even several million euros. Simplicity of servicing and the largest winnings attract millions of players from all over the world to gaming in online casinos. Essence of progressive jack-pots is that the monetary prize fund of the game accumulates gradually, depending on the number of players and value of bets.

Progressive machines can be divided into such 3 types:

  • Single progressive slot
  • Local progressive slot
  • Network progressive slot
  • Single progressive slot – is a jack-pot, which can be won only at one slot of one casino.
  • Local progressive slot – is a network of similar gaming machines within one online casino. Slots, which are grouped together, as a rule have analogous topic or are part of one series. Naturally local progressive jack-pots tend to increase the prize fund quicker thanks to huge number of users playing simultaneously on several connected gaming machines.
  • Network progressive slot – is a network of similar slot machines, united within a large geographical area and also group of online casinos. These machines differ by quickness of accumulating and value of the prize fund, which often makes even several million.